AT&T CEO: Government Should Pay $60–80 Billion for Broadband; IRREGULATORS: Government Must Halt the $80 Billion a Year in Overcharging by AT&T-Big Telecom.

“AT&T CEO John Stankey said…that the federal government can get away with shelling out between $60 to $80 billion in infrastructure dollars to connect rural and remote America…”

“The cable lobbying group NCTA said the White House ‘risks taking a serious wrong turn … by suggesting that the government is better suited than private-sector technologists to build and operate the internet.’ The NCTA also said it was worried about price regulation. The Biden document does not mention price controls.”

“Jonathan Spalter, CEO of the lobbying group USTelecom, said that prioritizing investments in government-owned broadband is ‘exactly the wrong approach’ since taxpayers will get the bill if such networks fail. He also claimed that broadband prices are already falling”.

“And more importantly, it allows us to, you know, shut down some infrastructure. Over time, we have a voice replacement service now that can be in there. And so that allows us to look at our options around footprint that used to be in place and fixed costs that used to be there, begin the work of starting to shed some of that footprint and reduce the number of square miles that have that fixed infrastructure in place that really, you’re never going to have an incentive to ultimately upgrade to fiber.”



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