Even 2nd Graders Would Laugh & Complain if They Heard FCC Brendan Carr’s 5G Wireless Fairy Tales.

  • First, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr claims that after the most intensive investment in America, there are over 1,000 small cell sites in Indiana!
  • Second, Carr and the FCC claim this is going to benefit rural areas, save money, and even close something called the “Digital Divide”.
  • 1000 small cells sounds like a very large number, but it may not even cover this one square mile.
  • No where does the FCC discuss that a service with a range of 500–1000 feet will never, ever, cover most rural areas, much less suburban areas.
  • No where does the FCC or Carr mention that these cell sites all have to be attached to a fiber optic wire — every 500–1000 feet, at best, and the first map with the diamonds shows that it requires wiring the entire area — the Mile Square.
  • None of these savings that are mentioned will ever happen because the companies will never roll out the fiber optic wires.
  • The FCC never mentions that wireline phone customers in rural areas or low income areas will be paying for the wires used for wireless or that the wireless companies pay a fraction of the expenses to use the wires once they are put in.
  • FCC Brendan Carr never mentions that his announcement plagiarized (stole) the homework from a group called “ALEC”, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and he has handed in these new regulations as if they were the FCC’s own work
  • There is no mention that there were already plans for AT&T Indiana to give customers very high speed fiber optic broadband over 25 years ago, and customers were charged for these upgrades multiple times.
  • One 5G wireless small cell site has a range of 1–2 blocks, about 500–1000 feet — so lots of small devices are needed, just like the first marked-up picture.
  • Since each cell site is small, it can only be useful up to a certain distance; then it craps out.
  • Example: You are with your friends and hangin’ in the backyard listening to the Hampsterdance song. You have to leave, and the farther away you are from the speakers, the volume of the song goes down until you can’t hear it anymore.
  • A “square mile” is a box, 1 mile by 1 mile
  • There are 5,280 feet in one mile. Let’s ‘round it’ to 5000 feet.
  • At 500 feet, you can count ALL of the sites — 10 rows with 10 sites each — 100 cell sites in 1 mile.
  • 100 cell sites would be 1 mile — 1000 cell sites would have only 10 square miles of coverage, if there aren’t any obstructions.
  • Is your 5G plan really just a rehash of ALEC model legislation?
  • How did you end up presenting this ALEC bill in Indianapolis?
  • How, exactly, are rural areas served if the wireless service can’t get passed a few football fields without more fiber optic wires attached?
  • What commitments did you get from the carriers that if you change the laws that the companies will build anything?
  • Isn’t it a conflict-of-interest to work to help your previous clients vs the American public?
  • Finally, where is the investigation into all of the previous fiber optic deployments and all the money that was charged to local phone customers — even those in rural areas or those low income families?



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bruce kushnick

bruce kushnick

New Networks Institute,Executive Director, & Founding Member, IRREGULATORS; Telecom analyst for 38 years, and I have been playing the piano for 63 years.