• Jon Lebkowsky

    Jon Lebkowsky

    My buzzwords: future & digital culture, sensemaking, narrative warfare, Zen, cyborg, convergent media…

  • Art Brodsky

    Art Brodsky

    Communications consultant, recovering journalist

  • Tracy Rosenberg

    Tracy Rosenberg

    Executive Director, Media Alliance (www.media-alliance.org) and co-coordinator, Oakland Privacy (www.oaklandprivacy.org).

  • Safer5gmoraga


  • Theo Chino

    Theo Chino

    Bitcoiner, Activist - Doesn’t matter of from the Right or the Left; running does. https://repmyblock.nyc

  • Dean Landsman

    Dean Landsman

    Visiting this planet for undetermined amount of time.

  • AttractFunding


    Headhunter Launching Disruptive Startups

  • Lendri Purcell

    Lendri Purcell

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