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3 min readAug 11, 2023

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Over the last few years, America has come to realize that there is a “Digital Divide”; large areas of the US communications infrastructure had been left to deteriorate, especially in rural areas and inner cities and it couldn’t handle high-speed broadband. Worse, America’s prices for broadband, internet and even wireless service are no longer ‘affordable’ — in fact, they are 5–20 times more than overseas prices.

As if this was a new problem, with a knee-jerk reaction, over $150 billion of state and federal taxpayer money is up for grabs, in large part by the telecom and cable companies claiming that this will solve the problem.

America has been punked. Who created the Digital Divide in your state?

DISS_CONNECTED was written for the general public to understand that Verizon, AT&T or CenturyLink (Lumen) three holding companies that control America’s wired, state-based telecommunications public utilities, were supposed to upgrade America with fiber optics, replacing the existing copper wires, and in almost every state, laws were changed to charge wired customers for these upgrades. This happened multiple times since the 1990’s. Thousands of dollars per household; hundreds of billions of dollars for a fiber optic future that never showed.

Worse, this is not a history lesson but current massive overcharging. Over the last decade, the IRREGULATORS uncovered one of the largest ongoing accounting scandals in American history. Verizon et al. made these public utilities cash machines, to fund the companies’ other businesses, especially wireless — Creating the Digital Divide.

Wireless and 5G have been a bait and switch. The companies never mention that it requires a fiber wire, so they diverted billions away from home upgrades.

And no one knows this story. Big Telecom’s monopoly power is such that they rewrote history, and have been able to erase any culpability in these actions.

Not one of the new state broadband offices (that we know of) has included anything about their wire-based telecom public utility, even though every state is required to prepare a 5-year plan- now.

It is time for government to claw back these overcharges, that can used today to complete the fiber build out of America — without government subsidies.

This book is joined by “Violations & Egregious Acts”, a detailed road map of how to accomplish this task and it is the culmination of 30 years of research- with an expert team — IRREGULATORS, and is part of the “Book of Broken Promises” series.

Broadband Independence — .This book starts our new campaign. Over the next 3 months, we will be announcing a series of actions and invite you to participate. Download your free copy or send one to a regulator, politician, or reporter and tell them to investigate.



Bruce Kushnick

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