How Many of these 392 Verizon Investments Were Subsidized by Wireline Customers?

Verizon India, Latvia, Ljubljana, Malta, Hong Kong, Norway, Italy, Beograd (in Serbia), etc.; Verizon sure does get around. The chart above is just an excerpt of a group of 392 different companies/investments of Verizon Communications, Inc. that are presented in the Verizon NY 2019 Annual Report. According the report, Verizon has an “interest of 5% or more” in these companies. The full list of investments is presented below.

In fact, Verizon’s web site claims that the company is doing business in 150 countries.

This, of course, brings into question Verizon’s commitment to their state wired utility customers and the US cities and municipalities where the company controls critical wireline infrastructure — and where the company failed to properly upgrade and maintain the state utilities, like Verizon NY or Verizon New Jersey.

NOTE: This story is Part II.

SEE: PART 1: Verizon NY 2019 Annual Report Screams: Start Investigations in NY and Every State in America. This documents the massive financial cross-subsidies — the flows of money — that are evident in the Verizon NY 2019 Annual Report.

Hundreds or Thousands of Companies?

Over the last decade we tried to track the Verizon subsidiaries and the company’s investments. In 2017, this list was compiled and posted to Quora; only a few are still mentioned or are using the same name. This list also gives the money paid for the company or the investment made, or that information about the company was “Unknown”.

  • Nov 14, 2016 LQD WiFi Unknown
  • Oct 26, 2016 Vessel Unknown
  • Sep 12, 2016 Sensity Systems Unknown
  • Aug 1, 2016 FleetMatics $2.4B in Cash
  • Jul 25, 2016 Yahoo! $4.83B in Cash
  • Jun 21, 2016 Telogis Unknown
  • Apr 18, 2016 Complex $250M (terms undisclosed)
  • Mar 16, 2016 Volicon Unknown

Some of These Companies have been Renamed.

Small Business Trends reports:

Meet Aabaco Small Business (the Reincarnation of Yahoo Directory …

“Who is Aabaco small business?” It’s now part of Aabaco Small Business. Aabaco — whatever that means — is a company owned (for now) by Yahoo and attempts to reach the Yahoo Small Business Directory now direct users to the Aabaco site. Before Google was a household name, many people found their way around the Web by way of the Yahoo Directory. Nov 23, 2015

What Are Charlie, Echo, Delta?

Moreover, some of the names of these investments/companies are downright suspicious, attempting to sound more like some mystery spy novel.

All of this Brings Up a Series of Questions.

§ Did the state public utility networks, not to mention the local phone customers or others that using the wired networks, pay extra to fund these investments?

§ Are the current ‘Corporate Operations’ expenses being used to pay for expenses for any of these subsidiaries or investments?

§ What services is Verizon providing in these other countries and how do they compare to what we’re getting in America? Are other countries getting a better deal on broadband or internet or wireless service?

§ Of the information supplied to the public, how much of it is a direct fabrication or a ‘combining’ of information of investments, some not even in America?

A simple example: Verizon Communications, Inc.’s, (the holding company) 2019 Annual Report claims it has 135,000 employees, but this covers the 150 countries as well as all of these other investments. This has nothing to do with US workers or the numbers of staff delivering wired services — or even delivering a telecommunications service vs selling advertising on Yahoo, a Verizon subsidiary.

“Verizon Communications Inc. (Verizon or the Company) is a holding company that, acting through its subsidiaries, is one of the world’s leading providers of communications, information and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and government entities. With a presence around the world, we offer voice, data and video services and solutions on our networks that are designed to meet customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control. We have a highly diverse workforce of approximately 135,000 employees as of December 31, 2019.”

What follows is the list of Verizon investments/companies that are in the Verizon New York 2019 Annual Report, published June 8th, 2020.

Please note that the Verizon Communications, Inc. 2018 Annual Report to investors only listed 15 principal subsidiaries. We do not know why Verizon has not fully disclosed its investments and subsidiaries as compared to this list of 392 found in the Verizon NY 2019 Annual Report.



210 Pine Street Condominium Association

Aabaco Small Business, LLC

AirTouch Cellular Inc.

Allentown SMSA Limited Partnership

Alltel Communications of Arkansas RSA #12 Cellular Limited Partnership

Alltel Communications of LaCrosse Limited Partnership

ALLTEL Communications of North Carolina Limited Partnership

Alltel Corporation

Alltel Information (Mauritius) Inc.

Anderson CellTelCo

Athens Cellular, Inc.

Australia-Japan Cable (Holdings) Limited

Badlands Cellular of North Dakota Limited Partnership

BATCL — 1987 — II, Inc.

BATCL — 1987 — III, Inc.

Bell Atlantic Advertising (China) Company

Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems LLC

Bell Atlantic TriCon Leasing Corporation

Bismarck MSA Limited Partnership

California RSA №4 Limited Partnership

Cellco Partnership

Cellular 29 Ltd.

Central Dakota Cellular of North Dakota Limited Partnership

Charleston-North Charleston MSA Limited Partnership

Chicago SMSA Limited Partnership

CM Partners, LLC

Colorado 7-Saguache Limited Partnership

CommNet Cellular Inc.

Complex Media, Inc.

Conagro Telecommunications, S.A.

Continental Telecommunications Company (Nigeria)

Cybertrust Holding International, A.V.V.

Dickerson OL1 LLC

Empire City Subway Company (Limited)

Exchange Indemnity Company

Exchange Indemnity Company New Jersey

Exchange Indemnity Company New York

Fleetmatics Australia Pty Ltd

Fleetmatics Group Holdings Limited

Fleetmatics Group Limited

Fleetmatics Insurance Services, LLC

Fleetmatics Italia S.r.l.

Fox Court Nominees Limited

Fresno MSA Limited Partnership

Gadsden CellTelCo Partnership

Gila River Cellular General Partnership

Gold Creek Cellular of Montana Limited Partnership

Gold Creek Cellular, Inc.

GTE Life Insurance Company Limited


GTE Mobilnet of California Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Florence, Alabama Incorporated

GTE Mobilnet of Fort Wayne Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Indiana Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Indiana RSA #3 Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Indiana RSA #6 Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of South Texas Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Terre Haute Limited Partnership

GTE Mobilnet of Texas RSA #17 Limited Partnership

GTE Operations Support Incorporated

GTE Overseas Corporation

GTE Venezuela S.à r.l.

GTE Wireless LLC

GTE Wireless of the Midwest Incorporated

Hidden Ridge Development LLC

Hidden Ridge Owners Association, Inc.

Hughes Oriental Telematics Holding (China) Company Limited

Idaho 6-Clark Limited Partnership

Illinois RSA 6 and 7 Limited Partnership

Indiana RSA #1 Limited Partnership

Indiana RSA 2 Limited Partnership


Inosat Global Limited

Inosat Holding Limited

Inosat Solucoes E Servicos Em Mobilidade Ltda

Inosat-Consultoria Informatica, S.A.

Iowa 8-Monona Limited Partnership

Iowa RSA 2 Limited Partnership

Iowa RSA 5 Limited Partnership

Iowa RSA №4 Limited Partnership

Kentucky RSA №1 Partnership

KKT S.r.l.

Laycon Telecommunications, S.A.

Los Angeles SMSA Limited Partnership, a California Limited Partnership

MBI Oversight LLC

MCI Broadband Solutions, Inc.

MCI Communications Corporation

MCI Communications Services, Inc.

MCI International Services, Inc.

MCI International Telecommunications Corporation

MCI International, Inc.

MCI WorldCom Asia Pacific Limited

MCImetro Access Transmission Services Corp.

MCImetro Access Transmission Services of Virginia, Inc.

Metropolitan Fiber Systems of New York, Inc.

MFS Globenet, Inc.

Missouri RSA 2 Limited Partnership

Missouri RSA 4 Limited Partnership

MK International Limited

Modoc RSA Limited Partnership

Morgantown OL1 LLC

Morgantown OL2 LLC

MoveARoo, LLC

Movildata Internacional, S.L.

Muskegon Cellular Partnership

NCC Braeburn Company

NCC Charlie Company

NCC Delta Company

NCC Echo Company

NCC Farnborough Company

NCC Farnborough Investments Limited

NCC Farnborough Trustee Limited



NCC Golf Company

NCC Hampshire Investments Ltd.

NCC Key Company

NCC Mianus Corporation

NCC Micron Company

NCC Sierra Company

NCC Solar Company

NCC Yearling Company

NCC Zee Company

New Mexico RSA 6-I Partnership

New Mexico RSA №5 Limited Partnership

New York RSA 2 Cellular Partnership

New York SMSA Limited Partnership

North Central RSA 2 of North Dakota Limited Partnership

North Central RSA 2, Inc.

North Dakota 5-Kidder Limited Partnership

North Dakota RSA №3 Limited Partnership

Northeast Pennsylvania SMSA Limited Partnership

Northern New Mexico Limited Partnership

Northwest Dakota Cellular of North Dakota Limited Partnership

Northwest Dakota Cellular, Inc.

Northwest Missouri Cellular Limited Partnership

NV Verizon Belgium Luxembourg SA

NV Verizon Belgium Luxembourg SA (succursale du Luxembourg)


Oath Holdings Inc.

Oath Inc.

Omaha Cellular Telephone Company

Pacific Carriage Holdings Limited

Pascagoula Cellular Partnership

Pennsylvania RSA 1 Limited Partnership

Pennsylvania RSA №6 (I) Limited Partnership

Pennsylvania RSA №6 (II) Limited Partnership

Petersburg Cellular Partnership

Pinnacles Cellular, Inc.

Pittsburgh SMSA Limited Partnership

Pittsfield Cellular Telephone Company

PT Communications Verizon Indonesia

Purco Holding LLC

Red River Cellular of North Dakota Limited Partnership

Redding MSA Limited Partnership

Rihab Dijlah for General Trading LLC

RJM Lease Partners I

RSA 1 Limited Partnership

RSA 7 Limited Partnership

Rural Cellular Corporation

Sacramento-Valley Limited Partnership

San Isabel Cellular of Colorado Limited Partnership

Sand Dunes Cellular of Colorado Limited Partnership

Seattle SMSA Limited Partnership




Shanghai Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages Advertising Co. Ltd.

Sherkate Sahami Khass Telephone Sazi Iran

Sioux City MSA Limited Partnership

Skyward IO, Inc.

Southern Cross Cables Holdings Limited

Springfield Cellular Telephone Company

St. Joseph CellTelCo

St. Lawrence Seaway RSA Cellular Partnership

Steam Heat LLC

Steamed Crab Partners, L.P.

Straight Path Communications Inc.

Straight Path Spectrum, Inc.

Straight Path Spectrum, LLC

Telesector Resources Group, Inc. (d/b/a Verizon Services Group)

Terremark North America LLC

Terremark Worldwide, Inc.

Teton Cellular of Idaho Limited Partnership

Teton Cellular, Inc.

Texas RSA #11B Limited Partnership

Topeka Cellular Telephone Company, Inc.

TradeMore Services LLC

Tuscaloosa Cellular Partnership

Tyler/Longview/Marshall MSA Limited Partnership

UAB Verizon Lietuva

UUNET Holdings Australia Pty Limited


Verizon (Thailand) Limited

Verizon ABS II LLC

Verizon ABS LLC

Verizon Americas Finance 1 Inc.

Verizon Americas Inc.

Verizon Argentina S.R.L.

Verizon Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Verizon Australia Holdings LLC

Verizon Australia Pty Limited

Verizon Austria GmbH

Verizon Benefits Administration Inc.

Verizon BR Operating LLC (d/b/a “The Ridge”)

Verizon Bulgaria EOOD

Verizon Business DPPA Master Trust

Verizon Business Global LLC

Verizon Business International Holdings B.V.

Verizon Business Network Services Inc.

Verizon Business Purchasing LLC

Verizon Business Security Solutions Luxembourg SA

Verizon Canada Ltd.

Verizon Capital Corp.

Verizon Chile S.A.

Verizon CMP Holdings LLC

Verizon Colombia S.A.

Verizon Communications (Cyprus) Limited

Verizon Communications Egypt LLC

Verizon Communications Guatemala Limitada

Verizon Communications India Private Limited

Verizon Communications Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Verizon Communications Philippines Inc.

Verizon Communications Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Verizon Communications Slovakia s.r.o

Verizon Communications South Africa (Pty) Limited

Verizon Communications Technology (Beijing) Co., Limited

Verizon Connect (China) Co., Ltd.

Verizon Connect Australia Pty Ltd.

Verizon Connect Canada Inc.

Verizon Connect do Brasil Servico de Softward Ltda.

Verizon Connect Finland Oy

Verizon Connect Fleet USA LLC

Verizon Connect France

Verizon Connect Germany GmbH

Verizon Connect Inc.

Verizon Connect Ireland Limited

Verizon Connect Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

Verizon Connect Netherlands B.V.

Verizon Connect New Zealand Limited

Verizon Connect NWF Inc.

Verizon Connect Poland Sp. Z.o.o.

Verizon Connect Telo Australia PTY Ltd

Verizon Connect Telo Inc.

Verizon Connect Telo UK Limited

Verizon Connect UK Limited

Verizon Connected Solutions Inc.

Verizon Corporate Resources Group LLC

Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc.

Verizon Costa Rica S.R.L.

Verizon Credit Inc.

Verizon Croatia Ltd.

Verizon Czech s.r.o.

Verizon Data Services India Private Limited

Verizon Data Services LLC

Verizon Delaware LLC

Verizon Denmark A/S

Verizon Deutschland GmbH

Verizon Digital Media Services UK Limited

Verizon Digital Media Services, Inc.

Verizon Dominican Republic S.R.L.

Verizon DPPA Master Trust

Verizon DPPA True-up Trust

Verizon Ecuador Cia. Ltda

Verizon ELPI Holding Corp.

Verizon Estonia OÜ

Verizon European Holdings Limited

Verizon Federal Inc.

Verizon Financial Services LLC

Verizon Financing

Verizon Finland Oy

Verizon Foundation

Verizon France SAS

Verizon FZ-LLC

Verizon Global Enterprise B.V.

Verizon Hawaii International Inc.

Verizon Hellas Telecommunications, Single Member Limited Liability Company

Verizon Holding Austria GmbH

Verizon Holding do Brasil Ltda.

Verizon Holding France EURL

Verizon Holding Netherlands B.V.

Verizon Hong Kong Limited

Verizon Hungary Telecommunications Limited Liability Company

Verizon Iceland ehf

Verizon India Private Limited

Verizon Information Services-Costa Rica, LLC

Verizon Information Technologies LLC

Verizon Innovation LLC

Verizon International Business Ventures Inc.

Verizon International Holdings Inc.

Verizon International Inc.

Verizon International Limited

Verizon Investment Management Corp.

Verizon Ireland Limited

Verizon Israel Telecommunications Limited

Verizon Italia S.p.A.

Verizon Japan Ltd

Verizon Komunifacije d.o.o., Beograd

Verizon Korea Limited

Verizon Latvia SIA

Verizon Licensing Company

Verizon Ljubljana trgovina in storitive, d.o.o.

Verizon Location Technology Inc.

Verizon Long Distance LLC

Verizon Malta Limited

Verizon Maryland LLC

Verizon Morocco Sarl

Verizon Nederland BV

Verizon Network Integration Corp.

Verizon New England Inc.

Verizon New Jersey Inc.

Verizon New York Inc.

Verizon New Zealand Limited

Verizon North LLC

Verizon Norway AS

Verizon Online LLC

Verizon Owner Trust 2016–2

Verizon Owner Trust 2017–1

Verizon Owner Trust 2017–2

Verizon Owner Trust 2017–3

Verizon Owner Trust 2018–1

Verizon Owner Trust 2018-A

Verizon Owner Trust 2019-A

Verizon Owner Trust 2019-B

Verizon Owner Trust 2019-C

Verizon Owner Trust 2020-A

Verizon Pakistan (Private) Limited

Verizon Panama S.A.

Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc.

Verizon Pennsylvania LLC

Verizon Peru S.R.L.

Verizon Polska Sp. Z o.o.

Verizon Portugal — Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

Verizon Puerto Rico LLC

Verizon Purchasing Holdings LLC

Verizon Realty Corp.

Verizon Romania SRL

Verizon Rus LLC

Verizon Saudi Arabia LLC

Verizon Select Services Inc.

Verizon Select Services of Virginia Inc.

Verizon Services Corp.

Verizon Services Ireland Limited

Verizon Services Organization Inc.

Verizon Services Singapore Pte. Ltd

Verizon Servicios Empresariales Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Verizon Smart Communities HU Kft

Verizon Smart Communities LLC

Verizon Sourcing LLC

Verizon South Inc.

Verizon Spain Holdings, S.L.

Verizon Spain S.L.

Verizon Sweden Aktiebolag

Verizon Switzerland AG

Verizon Taiwan Co. Limited

Verizon Telecomunicacóes do Brasil Ltda.

Verizon Terremark NV

Verizon Trademark Services LLC

Verizon Turnkey Services LLC

Verizon UK Financing Limited

Verizon UK Holding Limited

Verizon UK Limited

Verizon Ukraine LLC

Verizon Uluslararasi Telekomünikasyon Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

Verizon Uruguay S.R.L.

Verizon Venezuela, S.A.

Verizon Ventures LLC

Verizon Virginia LLC

Verizon Washington, DC Inc.

Verizon Wireless Acquisition South LLC

Verizon Wireless Network Procurement LP

Verizon Wireless of the East LP

Verizon Wireless Services, LLC

Verizon Wireless Texas, LLC

Virginia RSA 5 Limited Partnership

Visible Service LLC

Visirun S.p.A.

Visirun Sp. Z.o.o.

VZB OpCo Nigeria Limited

VZOT 2017–1 True-up Trust

Wasatch Utah RSA №2 Limited Partnership

Western Iowa Cellular, Inc.

Wisconsin RSA #1 Limited Partnership

Wisconsin RSA #6 Partnership, LLP

Wisconsin RSA №8 Limited Partnership



XO Asia Limited

XO Communications Services, LLC

XO Virginia, LLC

Yahoo Holdings International B.V.

Zentry LLC

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