IRREGULATORS v FCC Is Critical to America’s Broadband-Internet Future

  • Wireless Is a Wired Service. Your wireless services do NOT go into the ‘ether’ or to some satellite; your call or data first goes to a hot-spot or cell site, then travels the rest of the way over a fiber optic wire.
  • The state-based utility wires are the guts of all services — wireless, wireline, fiber optics and copper. AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink control the wired state utility networks, including the “Business Data Services”, sometimes called “backhaul”, which are the wires, the guts of the networks, but they are also the basis of wireless in America.
  • They Got Rid of the “U” Word: The companies have been able to use every method of obfuscation to claim that the telecommunications utilities no longer exist. They even took the name of the state utility off of the actual state-based utility phone bills.
  • There is a Structural Flaw in Every FCC Decision: The FCC never examined the state-based financial reports, the broadband commitments made on the state level or that the local phone customers have been illegally funding all of the companies’ other lines of business — like wireless. The state utility networks are “Intrastate”, state-based, and thus Local Service revenues are “intrastate”, but the intrastate customers have been charged thousands of dollars, per customer, to fund the “interstate” services, which include Wireless.
  • VIRTUALLY NO ONE IS AWARE OF THIS FINANCIAL SHELL GAME. It took us years, working as a team, to unravel just how many different ways this structural flaw has impacted the Public Interest. But, we believe that the companies’ lawyers are well aware of this and use it repeatedly to help the companies prevail over the unknowing public.
  • Everyone knows that America’s “unlimited” plans are not unlimited at all; the average service costs about $90.00 or more counting the taxes, fees and surcharges, but after 25–50GB, the 4G service speed goes to a crawl. Worse, the low-end customers can pay $40-$60 or more for 2–8GB a month.
  • It costs about $17.00 for an equivalent wireless service overseas, (OECD-EU countries) and for $40 bucks you can get unlimited service in many countries, meaning 500–1000GB a month. And there are deals where you can get this for under $20.00 This means that the price per GB in the US for unlimited is about $2.50, while in these other countries it can be $.10-$.15 cents.
  • Stop all of the cross-subsidies.
  • Require the companies’ subsidiaries to pay market prices.
  • Separate the wires from these companies.
  • Make them pay back to those who have been harmed.
  • Stop all of the corporate operations expense dumping.
  • Start on a new regulatory framework where state-and-federal rules do not allow the companies to play both sides.
  • Clean out the FCC of conflicts of interest.
  • Use the billions per state to have the fiber optic infrastructure we paid for finally delivered in communities, cities and states throughout the US.



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bruce kushnick

bruce kushnick

New Networks Institute,Executive Director, & Founding Member, IRREGULATORS; Telecom analyst for 38 years, and I have been playing the piano for 63 years.