Part 3: AT&T 5G Wireless Bait & Switch: Because It Makes AT&T More Money.

  • PART 3: AT&T
  • AT&T wireless replacement for a landline is called “Wireless Home Phone” — and it can’t do IP and it can’t handle basic data applications, like alarm services.
  • The numbers are terrible — AT&T lost 32% of the ‘legacy telephone customers’ and even with new “IP” customers, it lost approximately 15% of the entire original client base.
  • The company after spending millions in each location, manipulated the stats for a “Happy Face”, and the information has been redacted. This data should be public.



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bruce kushnick

bruce kushnick

New Networks Institute,Executive Director, & Founding Member, IRREGULATORS; Telecom analyst for 38 years, and I have been playing the piano for 63 years.