USTelecom Attempts to Kill Off Competition Using Access Line Accounting Deception.

  • Deceptive Accounting of Access Lines: Dishonesty and a Lack of Ethical Behavior.
  • NOT VOICE SUBSCRIPTIONS: The “Peak” of Access Lines in 2000 was Caused by Dial-Up Internet Service — Over the Telephone Networks, Offered by Independent ISPS.
  • The ramp-up to the year 2000 peak was caused by “hypergrowth” of phone lines due independent ISPs offering dial-up Internet over the telephone networks.
  • The GAO claimed that 88% of Internet subscribers used a basic telephone access line in 2000.
  • US Census: In 2000, 44 million households used the Internet at home.
  • USTelecom is Hiding the Data and Interstate Lines; The Majority of Access Lines in America
  • The FCC’s Last Data Was 2007; Local Access Lines Were just 15% of Total Lines.
  • The FCC Found $40 Billion in “Special Access Services” in 2013–60% Were Still “Usually Copper” — Yet, ZERO LINES Supplied.
  • Misrepresentation– How Many Business Data Service Lines are there in Service?
  • Zero Lines Supplied by Verizon NY for $3.5 Billion in Revenue, 2017
  • GAO Study: ‘Competition’ from 7,000 ISPs Using Phone Lines in 2000.



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bruce kushnick

bruce kushnick

New Networks Institute,Executive Director, & Founding Member, IRREGULATORS; Telecom analyst for 38 years, and I have been playing the piano for 63 years.